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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance can I book?

I am sure your planning your trip weeks or months in advance. I am happy to work out a date with you months in advance. Feel free to reach out, even if you not traveling for 6 or more months! 

I am taking reservations for anytime in 2020. 

Why do you not leave at a specific time everyday?

The tides change daily. I want to insure that we are where we need to be at the right time. We want to be on the fish. Trust me, I grew up here. 

What do I need to bring?

On the "Day Of Info" page I list some things for you. Of course, there may be some other things you may want to bring. I want you to have fun and be comfortable.

What if I have never fished before? Or even Fly Fished? 

No worries! I love introducing people to this type of fishing. Fly fishing, and bonefishing specifically, is like nothing else you have ever done. I am a great teacher and I promise you will have a lot of fun learning. You will be a "Ghost Hunter" in no time! Careful though, bonefishing is highly addictive! After you have done this, you may not want to fish any other way again. 

Couples, Kids, Really? 

Sure! Bonefishing is a lot of fun. You are coming to Exuma to have a good time, right? What better way is there to have a good time than getting out into the water, seeing some new places, catching some fish and being with the people you care about! Kids have a blast. It is a great couples trip. Making memories is what life is all about! But, I warn you. Kids (And big Kids) may want to come back again real soon. Like the next day, kind of soon. 

Is it ok if only one of us fish? 

Of course! Not uncommon to have someone just along for the ride, even if your not fishing, you will have a great time. We may have to rib the fisherman a little though, all in good fun! 

You have really been featured in Outdoor Life? 

Sure have! Told you, I am good! If you want to see the article, click here. You will have to use a library account to see it. Copyrights etc. Yes, it is about me - Marvin Adderley. But, my friends call me the one armed bandit. You will see why!  

Why do I need to give you a deposit?

I need to provision the boat prior to our trip. I need to get gas, ice, drinks, bait etc. 

What do you have on the boat?

I will have ice, water, chips and some sodas. If we are doing a full day trip, I will also have sandwiches. If you like other snacks or drinks, feel free to bring them. 

Can I bring Beer or Drinks with Alcohol? 

Sure. I plan on you fishing most of the time, but if you like to have a cold one, feel free! Bahamian Beer is good! 

What do you mean by "Flats"? 

Sand Flats. It is shallow water and the sands is generally white. We may be in water anywhere from a foot or two to 15 feet. One can also bonefish while wading. We may do that some, if your comfortable with it. 

How far will we travel from the docks?

It depends. I want to get us into a spot where the fish are. That changes day to day, but usually not a far boat ride away. Plus, the water, sand and cays around here are picture perfect. The ride will fly by! 

Is there anything I need to worry about?

Yes. Getting to the dock on time. From there, not much else to worry about. We are going to have a safe trip and have a lot of fun. Plus, we are in paradise! There may be a slight problem with your new fishing addiction. Best advise is to just fish more! Seems to help me. 

Do I need a license? 

Nope. When you fish with a guide in the Bahamas your covered!

Will I get sea sick? 

In my experience, a very very very small percentage of people will begin to not feel well in the area we fish. We are going to be in shallow water, not in the open ocean. You will almost certainly be able to see land, all the time. If you start not feeling well, we will adjust. I want you to have a great time, not be miserable! That goes for the young ones and anyone not fishing as well!

What else will I see on the trip?

We may see all sorts of sea life. The Exumas are an amazing place. Paradise. We will see plenty of crystal clear water, white sand, secluded cays, birds, and of course FISH! Bring your camera, as it is hard to explain how beautiful it is here.

Is it easy to get to you from the Sandals Resort?

Very easy. I will arrange a taxi for you and I will bring you back. Plan for about 15-20 minutes travel time to get to the dock from Sandals. 

Do you offer multi-day discounts?

Let's talk. Let me know what your interested in doing and we will work something out. 

Can I review you somewhere?

YES! Please do! Referrals, References and Reviews are a big deal for me. I would really appreciate it if you did. That is of course if you have a good time. But, I already know that you will! 

Are those picture real?

Oh yes! Those are all pictures from my clients. If I put all of them up, I would fill a whole website! So I just have a few for you to get the idea. Take a look at how amazing it is. It is paradise (with fish).

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to reach out and ask. I am happy to hear from you! 

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